Halloween Costume Ideas: Appropriate for the workplace

halloween costume ideas

Although Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays all year, it can also be one of the more frustrating ones as you get older. Trying to find an appropriate costume you can wear to work without being too revealing or embarrassed about can have you going from one costume store to the next. This little list can help you find a work appropriate idea or help you come up with a creative Halloween costume idea on your own.



1.) Classic Hollywood Icon

Dress up as a Hollywood movie star from previous decades. Audrey Hepburn, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe or Lucille Ball are a few Halloween costume ideas that are work approved.

2.) Road

Need some extremely last minute Halloween costume ideas? Take a solid black shirt and add white dotted lines or yellow solid lines to resemble a road.

3.) Nurse

Not the inappropriate nurse costume you’d pick up at the costume shop- were talking about what an actual nurse wears. You can find a cheap pair of scrubs or sweat suit for your nurses costume. Just wear a stethoscope with it and you have an easy Halloween costume.

4.) Domino

Like the road costume, this Halloween costume idea can help you in last minute situations. Take a plain white t-shirt, add some black dots that resemble your favorite domino number and you’re done!

5.) 80’s Child

Neon colors, teased hair, and big jewelry make this a fun and easy Halloween costume idea.

6.) Clark Kent/Superman

Wear your favorite Superman Shirt under your suit and tie with a pair of thick black glasses for this almost unnoticeable Halloween costume idea.

7.) Pirate

Boots, an eye patch and an oversized hat is all you really need to make this Halloween costume idea work appropriate. Keep it simple wearing black pants, shirt and boots or add a little more character with a ruffled shirt layers or skirts and a sword.

8.). Referee Or Jail Bird

Have a black and white striped shirt? If the shirt has vertices stripes grab a whistle and go as a referee, if they are horizontal go as a prison inmate.

9.) Bouncer Or Secret Spy Agent

An all black suit or long trench coat  with a pair on intimidating black sunglasses can turn your everyday work clothes into a security doorman or secret agent.

10.) Cowboy Or Cowgirl

This Halloween costume idea is simple to put together with many items you probably already own. Jeans, button up flannel shirt, a pair of cowboy boots and a wide brim hat are the basics- but you can add a little more flare with a big belt buckle, lasso or bandana.

Finding a Halloween costume doesn’t have to be a hard task

Chances are you may just want to skip the costume store and not waste your time. Coming up with a Halloween costume is a lot easier than you think. These 10 work appropriate costume ideas can be an inspiration to come up with your own unique Halloween costume. One bonus tip, never underestimate the versatility of plain black clothing that can transform you into almost anything with the right accessories.

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