eCommerce Website- How to keep customers on your site

keeping customers on your eCommerce website

Your eCommerce website can be a highly profitable and easily maintainable source of income. However in order for your website to be a success, you need to not only get customers to view your site but also stay on your site for longer. If you are struggling to keep customers interested on your site once they are there, then you could greatly benefit from these 6 tips to boost your customer view times.


  1. Performance Speed-

One of the top reason customers will leave your site quickly is if it fails to perform. If your eCommerce website task longer than a few seconds to load customers will quickly find another site to search on.

  1. eCommerce Website Maintenance-

Not only does your site need to load at a fast rate but it also needs to properly function. Be sure to run frequent maintenance check ups on your eCommerce site to check for cart checkout errors, misdirected links, unidentifiable images or design mishaps. All these little things can lead to having customers quickly exiting off your site, and may even keep them from returning.

  1. Need To Be Mobile Friendly-

Many eCommerce websites look fantastic when viewed on a desktop top or even iPad, but the mobile version looks like a huge mess. Current statistics show that most consumers are now shopping more from their smartphones than on their actual computers. As a result you will want to ensure that they can just as easily search your eCommerce site from their phone as they can from their computer. Check out this google guide on making your eCommerce website mobile friendly.

  1. Offer A Variety Of Products-

If you are only selling a few items on your eCommerce website, then your customers will have no reason to stay on your site for longer. Offer a variety of items they can browse through that will keep them interested in staying on your site. Also, add in new products frequently. Try to aim for a few new or seasonal items once a month to increase the time customers will spend on your site.

  1. Offer Promotions-

Offering your customers special promotional codes every so often will peak their interest in your eCommerce website. Offering weekly or monthly deals will ensure that your have repeat customers, as well as giving your customers an incentive for searching longer on your site.

  1. Keep Your eCommerce Website Organized-

Obviously if there is no cohesion on your site, customers will quickly become annoyed and distracted and leave your site without returning. Your eCommerce site needs to be well organized and searchable so customers can find what it is that they are looking for with ease.

Keep customers on your eCommerce website with these helpful tips

By implementing these simple adjustments to your eCommerce site you will quickly improve your website and make it more appealing to customers. When your customers can easily browse your website they will ultimately stay on your site for longer. When customer stay on your site for longer periods of time they are more likely to make a purchase and return again.

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