10 Insanely Warm Products For Your Freezing Office

warm products for the office

It’s cold outside and it doesn’t feel much warmer in your office. Maybe your boss is trying to save on energy? Maybe your building is not properly designed to efficiently heat all the space? Whatever the reason, you are going to want to try out these warming products to keep you comfortable in your ice cube of an office.

Warm Products You Need For Work:

1.) Toasty Toes Ergonomic Heated Footrest

If you struggle to keep your feet warm then this foot warmer is great to put in place under your desk. With three warming settings and overheat protection, you can be sure to keep your feet warm through the cold weather months in your office.

2.) USB Heated Fingerless Mittens

For anyone who works on their computer most of the time in their freezing office, you will love this warm product. These plush winter mittens can be connected to your laptop or PC via a USB cable. They require little power, are safe to use, and will keep your hands warm and toasty.

3.) Powered Beverage Warmer

If you work in an office, chances are your coffee or tea mug is always within reaching distance. However, working in a freezing office means your beverage is always just as cold. This warming product will not only keep your beverage nice and warm, but is also equipped with four additional USB ports that will allow you to connect more devices to your computer.

4.) Lava Buns Heated Seat Cushion

This warming product is great to keep your bottom warm. You simply microwave the insertable warming pack, place it in the cushion, and have a seat.

5.) Heated Mouse

This computer accessory is a great warm product for those suffering from a freezing office. You will no longer have to worry about touching a cold mouse again with this convenient warming product.

6.) Heated Keyboard Pad

The heated keyboard pad is placed in front of the keyboard and uses a USB to power up the infrared warming features. The pad is ergonomically designed to ensure comfort with use.

7.) Conair True Glow Heated Lotion Dispenser

During the cold winter months you are probably going to be using a lot of moisturizer to combat against the harsh winds. Working in a freezing office will lead to some freezing lotion too if it is left there. This warming product keeps your lotions at a comfortable temperature so you no longer have to dread putting on cold lotion.

8.) Eco-Saver Heater

This energy saving mini heater can help you stay warm in your freezing office. Small enough to stay out of the way on your desk, this product will keep you warm with variable fan controls and meets the ETL strict safety standards.

9.) Toasty Mug– 

This uniquely designed mug can help keep your hands warm by allowing you to envelope your hands around your warm mug.

10.) Heated Shawl

This warming product is a soft and cozy mini blanket that is USB powered. Wear it around your shoulders or place it on your lap to make it through your cold work days.

Insure you won’t freeze with these warm products

Keep your hands, toes and coffee warm with these 10 warming products that will help you make it through your freezing workday.

How To Beat The Monday Blues- Tips For Preparing For The Week

how to beat the monday blues

It’s Sunday evening and you are dreading Monday- the day where you need to get up early and make yourself presentable and fully functional for the upcoming work week. Even those who love their jobs get a case of the Monday blues. But good news! There are some great ways that can help you prepare for the week and avoid your hatred for Mondays. 


• Prep For Your Monday On Friday

You may be caught in your monday blues because you have some overwhelming work you know you need to tackle. One of the best ways to beat your Monday blues is to try to tackle as much as you can on Friday- before you leave for the weekend. Once you have done all you can on Friday, create a small to do list of the tasks you know you will be dreading getting done and get those done first on Monday. Getting the most difficult tasks done first will actually help you breeze through the rest of your work day.

• Make A Happy List

Even though you may not enjoy many areas of your job, most of the times there are a number of things that you actually do look forward to in the coming work week. Create a short list of at least three things that you are actually looking forward to that are work related. Having this list can be a good reference to look upon when you need to beat the Monday blues.

• Sleep

A great deal of your productivity, as well as your mood, will directly reflect on how well rested you are. You should be getting a full night of sleep every work night- but especially on Sunday night. To ensure you can beat the Monday blues go to bed early on Sunday night and wake up an extra ten or fifteen minutes early Monday morning. This gives you the sleep you need as well as giving you a little bit of a cushion time to properly get ready without having to rush through your morning.

• Put Extra Effort Into Your Appearance

You most likely have a certain work appropriate dress code you need to adhere to and most days you do the bare minimum to make yourself presentable for work. Taking a little extra time to get yourself ready on Monday morning can help clear away the Monday blues by boosting your confidence. When you dress for success it usually leads to a more successful day.

• Stay Positive

There are a number of studies that show the effectiveness of positive thoughts and showing gratitude. You should make a conscience effort to start your day with one of these two thoughts. Begin your Monday with a positive outlook for the day and let that carry over to every day of the week. Or show gratitude for the small things you have and appreciate having a job- even if you secretly do not love it.

• Random Act Of Kindness

Performing a simple act of kindness for a stranger, or even a co-worker, can have a huge impact on your entire day. If you want to show Monday who the boss is buy the person behind you a coffee, or pick up a simple card for your work best friend just because you were thinking of them. By helping someone else or showing them you are simply thinking of them, can not only help you beat the Monday blues, but can also help someone else beat their Monday blues.

• Make An After Work Plan

One of the best ways you can beat the Monday blues is by making Monday more enjoyable. Having an afterwork plan to go out with friends, or planning something a little extra for yourself, can easily have you looking forward to Monday instead of dreading it. Try to plan an evening of fun or relaxation that you can actually be excited about to help you get through your Monday workload.

Use these tips to start looking forward to your Mondays

Beating the Monday blues can be a challenge most weeks, but with these helpful tips you can easily go from having a gloomy day to having a more fun filled week. Starting your work week off on a positive note can increase your chances of having a more positive week to follow. By simply getting all the more taxing to dos out of the way early can help keep anxiety away and, by looking at the more postitive aspects of your work week, can help you beat the Monday blues.

5 Work Apps That Can Help With Productivity

woman using work app for help

Emails, spreadsheets and presentations are just a few of the things you need to keep track of and share. All these things are difficult to keep organized and sharing them can lead to a lot of confusion and missed information. Luckily, there are a number of amazing productivity work apps that you, your business and team can benefit from.

Work Apps to make your life easier: 

1.) Evernote

Evernote is an all in one work app that you can store thoughts, ideas, lists and content. For any entrepreneur working with a team or on their own, Evernote allows you to stay organized and share it with those you are collaborating with. This work app can help deliver presentations immediately to the rest of your team, allow for interactive meetings and can keep you on track of your to-do’s.

2.) Dropbox

Dropbox is highly recommended for those that are constantly sharing content with other team member or clients. This work app allows you to securely save and share files and take them with you wherever you go. You can easily save videos, photos or documents to this app which will allow for easy access as well as presentation building capabilities. Dropbox can effectively help you stay organized and keep everyone involved in your business projects up to date.

3.) Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a work app that can greatly help you and your team share ideas, tasks and progress quickly. Wunderlist can be synced with a number of devices. With easy capabilities that allow you to collaborate with your team on projects, you can be sure everyone is being productive and involved in every step.

4.) Highrise

Highrise is an all in one work app. By storing contacts, emails, notes and reminders and taking advantage of this work apps many features- you can get some organizational help for every aspect of your business. You can share information such as contacts, tasks and deals with other team members that make it easy and quick for you and your team to stay connected.

5.) Quip

Quip is an appealing work app that many large companies use to keep their team as productive as possible. You can create a specific team list and track progress, share documents that can be edited by all members of the team, and chat live with team members or clients quickly. Quip can be used over a number of devices that ensures you stay connected with your team whether you are in the office or out to lunch.

Decrease your work load with these helpful work apps

There are many effective work apps you can install that will greatly help you keep your team members productive and ensure you meet all your deadlines. Whether you are a solopreneur or have a large team you work closely with, these apps can help keep you organized and connected to ensure your business continues to grow.

Halloween Costume Ideas: Appropriate for the workplace

halloween costume ideas

Although Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays all year, it can also be one of the more frustrating ones as you get older. Trying to find an appropriate costume you can wear to work without being too revealing or embarrassed about can have you going from one costume store to the next. This little list can help you find a work appropriate idea or help you come up with a creative Halloween costume idea on your own.



1.) Classic Hollywood Icon

Dress up as a Hollywood movie star from previous decades. Audrey Hepburn, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe or Lucille Ball are a few Halloween costume ideas that are work approved.

2.) Road

Need some extremely last minute Halloween costume ideas? Take a solid black shirt and add white dotted lines or yellow solid lines to resemble a road.

3.) Nurse

Not the inappropriate nurse costume you’d pick up at the costume shop- were talking about what an actual nurse wears. You can find a cheap pair of scrubs or sweat suit for your nurses costume. Just wear a stethoscope with it and you have an easy Halloween costume.

4.) Domino

Like the road costume, this Halloween costume idea can help you in last minute situations. Take a plain white t-shirt, add some black dots that resemble your favorite domino number and you’re done!

5.) 80’s Child

Neon colors, teased hair, and big jewelry make this a fun and easy Halloween costume idea.

6.) Clark Kent/Superman

Wear your favorite Superman Shirt under your suit and tie with a pair of thick black glasses for this almost unnoticeable Halloween costume idea.

7.) Pirate

Boots, an eye patch and an oversized hat is all you really need to make this Halloween costume idea work appropriate. Keep it simple wearing black pants, shirt and boots or add a little more character with a ruffled shirt layers or skirts and a sword.

8.). Referee Or Jail Bird

Have a black and white striped shirt? If the shirt has vertices stripes grab a whistle and go as a referee, if they are horizontal go as a prison inmate.

9.) Bouncer Or Secret Spy Agent

An all black suit or long trench coat  with a pair on intimidating black sunglasses can turn your everyday work clothes into a security doorman or secret agent.

10.) Cowboy Or Cowgirl

This Halloween costume idea is simple to put together with many items you probably already own. Jeans, button up flannel shirt, a pair of cowboy boots and a wide brim hat are the basics- but you can add a little more flare with a big belt buckle, lasso or bandana.

Finding a Halloween costume doesn’t have to be a hard task

Chances are you may just want to skip the costume store and not waste your time. Coming up with a Halloween costume is a lot easier than you think. These 10 work appropriate costume ideas can be an inspiration to come up with your own unique Halloween costume. One bonus tip, never underestimate the versatility of plain black clothing that can transform you into almost anything with the right accessories.

National Boss’s Day: How to show your appreciation

National Boss's Day is Oct 16

October 16th is National Boss’s Day and it is a special day selected to show appreciation for your boss or supervisor. Being a great boss or manager, often times, is overlooked. Your boss deserves to have a day where others can recognize and show a little appreciation for the work they do each and every day. On October 16 celebrate National Boss’s Day and show your boss that all their hard work does not go unappreciated.


1.) Make It An Office Effort

Celebrate your supervisor on National Boss’s Day by including everyone in your office or building. Work together to decorate and plan a special lunchtime party with cake, food and gifts to let your boss know everyone in the office appreciates them. Make it as formal or informal of an event as you want. You can even come up with a creative theme for the party- just keep your boss’s personality in mind.

2.) Personalize A Gift

If you are planning on giving a gift to your boss, than you will want to make sure it has a personal touch to it. You will want your gift to be something your boss really enjoys- like their favorite candy or snack or something that relates to a hobby or interest of theirs. By showing you actually put some time into finding a thoughtful gift, it will make them feel even more appreciated.

3.) Personalize A Note

You do not have to spend a lot of money on an elaborate gift for your boss. You can just as easily show your boss you appreciate them on national boss’s day by writing a touching and personal note. It really is the thought that counts.

4.) Gift Basket

Another great idea for national boss’s day is creating a personal gift basket for them. This can be one of the things you can do on your own, or in collaboration with others in your office. Include some of their favorite candies, snacks, drinks, gift card or other small items that let them know you took the time to make it specifically for them.

5.) Be A Stellar Employee

Every day you should be an example employee, but on National Boss’s Day you should go out of your way to be a star employee. Arrive to work early to wish them a  “Happy Boss’s Day”. Try to keep any office issues at bay for the day if possible and focus on keeping the day free of negativity to best of your ability. Your boss will greatly appreciate having a slightly less stressful day- even if it is just for the day.

Boost office morale by making national boss’s day a group collaboration!

On National Boss’s Day go out of your way to show your boss just how much you appreciate them. A simple gesture of gratitude or an elaborate office party can go a long way in making your boss feel special- as well as add up some extra brownie points for you!

eCommerce Website- How to keep customers on your site

keeping customers on your eCommerce website

Your eCommerce website can be a highly profitable and easily maintainable source of income. However in order for your website to be a success, you need to not only get customers to view your site but also stay on your site for longer. If you are struggling to keep customers interested on your site once they are there, then you could greatly benefit from these 6 tips to boost your customer view times.


  1. Performance Speed-

One of the top reason customers will leave your site quickly is if it fails to perform. If your eCommerce website task longer than a few seconds to load customers will quickly find another site to search on.

  1. eCommerce Website Maintenance-

Not only does your site need to load at a fast rate but it also needs to properly function. Be sure to run frequent maintenance check ups on your eCommerce site to check for cart checkout errors, misdirected links, unidentifiable images or design mishaps. All these little things can lead to having customers quickly exiting off your site, and may even keep them from returning.

  1. Need To Be Mobile Friendly-

Many eCommerce websites look fantastic when viewed on a desktop top or even iPad, but the mobile version looks like a huge mess. Current statistics show that most consumers are now shopping more from their smartphones than on their actual computers. As a result you will want to ensure that they can just as easily search your eCommerce site from their phone as they can from their computer. Check out this google guide on making your eCommerce website mobile friendly.

  1. Offer A Variety Of Products-

If you are only selling a few items on your eCommerce website, then your customers will have no reason to stay on your site for longer. Offer a variety of items they can browse through that will keep them interested in staying on your site. Also, add in new products frequently. Try to aim for a few new or seasonal items once a month to increase the time customers will spend on your site.

  1. Offer Promotions-

Offering your customers special promotional codes every so often will peak their interest in your eCommerce website. Offering weekly or monthly deals will ensure that your have repeat customers, as well as giving your customers an incentive for searching longer on your site.

  1. Keep Your eCommerce Website Organized-

Obviously if there is no cohesion on your site, customers will quickly become annoyed and distracted and leave your site without returning. Your eCommerce site needs to be well organized and searchable so customers can find what it is that they are looking for with ease.

Keep customers on your eCommerce website with these helpful tips

By implementing these simple adjustments to your eCommerce site you will quickly improve your website and make it more appealing to customers. When your customers can easily browse your website they will ultimately stay on your site for longer. When customer stay on your site for longer periods of time they are more likely to make a purchase and return again.


overflow answering service stats

Your business seems to be doing well, the phones are ringing at a consistent level. But are you actually missing out on some profits? Every time a new customer calls your business and does not speak to an actual person this a missed opportunity. There are some incredibly obvious signs that your business could greatly benefit from an overflow answering service.

Signs You Should Utilize An Overflow Answering Service:

You Are A Solopreneur If you are in a business where you are the solo person who runs and operates the business than you are surely missing out on some profitable phone calls.

You Have Had Customers Complain Or Mention That Their Calls Were Not Answered- Having even just one customer complain about not being able to speak to someone when they call your business is not something you want.  You need to think about putting in place an answering service to avoid this from happening again.

You Are Temporarily Short On Staff- For many businesses you will begin to see a pattern of when your business picks up through the year. During these times you will want to have an overflow answering service in place to help with the additional number of calls you receive during your peak business times.

You Have The Same Customers But Not Many New Customers- Maybe your business seems to be bringing in a steady stream of customers for a few months to a year but you only have a handful of new customers. Your business may be suffering from not having an overflow answering service to pick up those missed opportunities of new clients calling when the lines are busy.

Need To Have 24-Hour Customer Service- Could your business benefit from a 24-hour customer service system? When you think of your target audience are they more free during your ‘closed’ hours of operation? Setting up an overflow answering service can better cater to the people that fall in this target market and therefore you will be building your positive customer service feedback.

An overflow answering service can greatly benefit your business

An overflow answering service is a simple way to grow your business and build up your customer service support. An overflow answering service is not costly and can greatly improve your business profit in a short amount of time. Put one in lace and see if it boosts your businesses profitability or if you see more positive feedback from your customers.

To learn more about a trusted overflow answering service follow the link below: