How To Beat The Monday Blues- Tips For Preparing For The Week

how to beat the monday blues

It’s Sunday evening and you are dreading Monday- the day where you need to get up early and make yourself presentable and fully functional for the upcoming work week. Even those who love their jobs get a case of the Monday blues. But good news! There are some great ways that can help you prepare for the week and avoid your hatred for Mondays. 


• Prep For Your Monday On Friday

You may be caught in your monday blues because you have some overwhelming work you know you need to tackle. One of the best ways to beat your Monday blues is to try to tackle as much as you can on Friday- before you leave for the weekend. Once you have done all you can on Friday, create a small to do list of the tasks you know you will be dreading getting done and get those done first on Monday. Getting the most difficult tasks done first will actually help you breeze through the rest of your work day.

• Make A Happy List

Even though you may not enjoy many areas of your job, most of the times there are a number of things that you actually do look forward to in the coming work week. Create a short list of at least three things that you are actually looking forward to that are work related. Having this list can be a good reference to look upon when you need to beat the Monday blues.

• Sleep

A great deal of your productivity, as well as your mood, will directly reflect on how well rested you are. You should be getting a full night of sleep every work night- but especially on Sunday night. To ensure you can beat the Monday blues go to bed early on Sunday night and wake up an extra ten or fifteen minutes early Monday morning. This gives you the sleep you need as well as giving you a little bit of a cushion time to properly get ready without having to rush through your morning.

• Put Extra Effort Into Your Appearance

You most likely have a certain work appropriate dress code you need to adhere to and most days you do the bare minimum to make yourself presentable for work. Taking a little extra time to get yourself ready on Monday morning can help clear away the Monday blues by boosting your confidence. When you dress for success it usually leads to a more successful day.

• Stay Positive

There are a number of studies that show the effectiveness of positive thoughts and showing gratitude. You should make a conscience effort to start your day with one of these two thoughts. Begin your Monday with a positive outlook for the day and let that carry over to every day of the week. Or show gratitude for the small things you have and appreciate having a job- even if you secretly do not love it.

• Random Act Of Kindness

Performing a simple act of kindness for a stranger, or even a co-worker, can have a huge impact on your entire day. If you want to show Monday who the boss is buy the person behind you a coffee, or pick up a simple card for your work best friend just because you were thinking of them. By helping someone else or showing them you are simply thinking of them, can not only help you beat the Monday blues, but can also help someone else beat their Monday blues.

• Make An After Work Plan

One of the best ways you can beat the Monday blues is by making Monday more enjoyable. Having an afterwork plan to go out with friends, or planning something a little extra for yourself, can easily have you looking forward to Monday instead of dreading it. Try to plan an evening of fun or relaxation that you can actually be excited about to help you get through your Monday workload.

Use these tips to start looking forward to your Mondays

Beating the Monday blues can be a challenge most weeks, but with these helpful tips you can easily go from having a gloomy day to having a more fun filled week. Starting your work week off on a positive note can increase your chances of having a more positive week to follow. By simply getting all the more taxing to dos out of the way early can help keep anxiety away and, by looking at the more postitive aspects of your work week, can help you beat the Monday blues.

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